Atua Island

Dreamlike Guestbook at Laval Virtual.
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Dreamlike Guestbook at Laval Virtual

  • exhibition
  • UX
  • arduino
  • modeling
  • artWork

This project was made for Laval virtual contest. During events it is kind of difficult to easily review what happened or what is going on. There are too many datas and medias to watch at the same time. The purpose was to find how to propose a new experience that would gather all of this informations in a same plateform. But that was not enough. Events are based on human interactions. That is the reason why we wanted to give this experience a sensitive dimension.

Objective: Create new way to interact with data

Outcome: prototype, video, contest

Duration: 1.5 month

Context: Laval Virtual Contest

Skills: prototyping, 3D, Unity3D, team Work, exhibition

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    Contact with visitors.
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    The team.


Gathering all informations would improve visitors' experience. It would also permit to have easy feedback for events that would use the system. As I said before, the sensitive dimension was really important for us.


This service targets multiple users. It concerns event creators but also visitors.


The usage is divided in several parts. The first one is the creation. All start with a ludic Dreamlike Island populated by little people called Kani Kani. This island is a metaphore of the Guestbook. Each visitor is like a god for Atua Inhabitants. Every time a visitor wants to post a message he creates a Kani kani that is going to spread his message.
Then arrives the spells selection part. Tanks to some runes you can plug in special place of the island you can then access to specific spells. Each rune has its own specific color that is then recognized thanks to an arduino system.
Finally, the last part is the interaction with the kani-kani. During this phasse you can have fun sending spells. There are several of them. One makes them dance, another one can kill them, etc.