AR learning app for children.
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AR learning app for children

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This project is about finding a way to change child's point of view on daily learning. To do so, we had to find a way to get their attention and create some connection with their learning tool. Then we could get them in some kind of hook cycle where they would stay and enjoy the ride. At the end this project is like helping children push their love for learning like a snowball from the top of a mountain. Once it's done and that the child get's into the ride the inertness does its job and goal is accomplished!

Objective: Create a new way for children to see daily learning

Outcome: prototype, video

Duration: 2 months

Context: South Korea

Skills: prototyping, 3D, Unity3D

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    Hey jimini!
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    He can teach you things.
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    while WIP on unity.
  • Why?

    I thought about doing this kind of project for several reasons. Because it would be really nice for child's education but also because it was a great opportunity to give a hand to press industry.


    So, as you could have understood from last paragraph, this project concerns multiples actors : children, parents and press-industry.


    To make all of this possible the app works in two times. First the child can see his imaginary friend through augmented reality. He is the only one able to do that cause he is the only one to use the game. The child takes care of his imaginary friend, make him grow but loose "playing energy" doing so. In order to get some energy back, he swaps mode and augments magazine. When that happens, the friend pops up and explain him with motion and 3D a notion, a concept or even just some words in a text.

    Add on : Context of the project _

    This project was made during the 6 months I spent in 2014/2015 at the Hongik University (Seoul - South Korea). This experience was really a big deal for me. I learned a lot from spending a long time in a different culture.
    During the IOT class we had to think about a project about augmented reality. Here it is!