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Learning Unit Configuration Yelds

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The starting point about this project was to challenge ourselves as designers and think about the future of schooling. The way we are learning today is going to change in a few thanks to technologies. Learning will evolve and its our job as designers to anticipate it.

Objective: Prospective work on the futur of shooling.

Outcome: video

Duration: 1 months

Context: South Korea

Skills: after effect


It is really important to keep improving something as important as learning. This field is essential for society and should deserve more attention regarding to what technologies can do for it. Today we learn in universities and schools because we need to have a place dedicated to knowledge. What could happen if tomorrow internet would allow us to break down this system and learn everywhere? IOT is coming and with it RA, RM, and ubiquitous computing. These possibilities are not that far.


For this subject we had the choice to choose the kind of user we wanted to work on. We wanted to work on autonome people able to challenge the world around them if necessary. That's the reason why we chose to work on University student.


To work on a prospective project like this one we had to make some hypothesis. Some of the students decided that we would be able to get rid of gravity, some other decided that VR would be totally effective. I decided that computing would be ubiquitous and that we would be able to learn from things around us. From this idea I started thinking that school should help student explore the world around them instead of keeping them in one unique place. That is the reason why I designed a school as a service where study room would be units spread all around the city though to provide the best studying conditions. The final purpose was to create a network that would help students challenge the world around them and open their minded to the outside world. For more information I recommend the video below.

Add on : Context of the project _

This project was made during the 6 months I spent in 2014/2015 at the Hongik University (Seoul - South Korea). This experience was really a big deal for me. I learned a lot from spending a long time in a different culture.
During the IOT class we had to think about a project about augmented reality. Here it is!