Anti-procrastination app.
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Anti-procrastination app

  • servicedesign
  • UX
  • IOT
  • 3D
  • connectedObject
  • beacon

Why can't we stick to habits? Why is the daily life routine so time taking? Couldn't we deal with it? These were the questions I though about while thinking about this project. Leisure time is essential to well being and healthy life. Tantôt has one objective, make you think about yourself and take time to enjoy the things that matter to you!

Objective: Find a solution to help people consider their leisure time

Outcome: video

Duration: 1 months

Context: South Korea

Skills: 3D, Unity3D, Syntheyes(video tracking), Photoshop, Illustrator


Having hobbies is something fundamental. It's like a kind of trigger to release daily life stress from your body. While taking time for yourself, your brain rest and take time to recover from the cognitive work you made before. But above all leisure time is life and what we work for. It's the pleasure to do something for itself and to enjoy the present time.


This service would suit to any person that want to be able to change its habits and manage his personal goal.


The principle of the service is qui simple. First, you put a beacon marker on the things you want to spend time on. Then on your smartphone, you define when you are supposed to be free to have leisure time, but also how often you want to practice. Every time you will go through the object after this initialization phase the service will remember it. If you pass in front of your activities during free time without paying intention for it Tantôt will remind it to you.
The nice part of the service is that each object or activity that you put a marker on will feel like being alive, personified. So, at the end you will develop some empathy to something you would not have considered before.

Add on : Context of the project _

This project was made during the 6 months I spent in 2014/2015 at the Hongik University (Seoul - South Korea). This experience was really a big deal for me. I learned a lot from spending a long time in a different culture.
During the IOT class we had to think about a project about augmented reality. Here it is!