Steampunk virtual reality experience for the Digital week.
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Steampunk virtual reality experience for the Digital week

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(VR) ne all started during a workshop on virtual reality. Initially the objective was to provide an experience to the user that would transport them to the Island of Nantes in Jules Verne universe. After some time working on the subject we decided to attend the Nantes Digital Week with this experience.

Objective: Create an experience that iniate people to VR while transporting them to Nantes undersea in Jules Verne universe.

Outcome: installation

Duration: 3 weeks

Context: Nantes, FRANCE

Skills: prototyping, 3D, Unity3D, Makey Makey, exhibition

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    Different views of the installation.
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    Different views of the installation (2).
  • slide 3
    Experiencing Jules Verne.
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    Nantes Digital Week Jules Verne Experience.


Creating an experience for the man in the street is a great experience all designers should have. You have so many things to deal with. How you manage to create something with affordance? Is your experience accessible for all your final users at the same time? Is it resistant enough? And when finally you are done working you end up with a lot of feedback and interesting though from people you met. Amazing, isn't it?


As It was said just before this project was thought too target a wide range of people. At the end, we had visitors that were aged from 7 to 77 years old, students and even families. Some people knew about VR some did not. But all of them were really into it.


As the purpose was to create an immersive experience in a little time The time we had to design this experience was pretty short. Therefore, we decided to focus on the most important things to create a nice virtual flow for an experience around 3 minutes (short enough to ensure a great user turnover). To ensure a good physical immersion we chose to use a stepper change in a walking input machine thanks to Makey-Makey. We also developed the inside of the helmet and the way it moves so that the first thing the user would see would be perfect. Of course a consequent work was also done on the map and the universe of the experience (fog, light, moving jellyfish and 3d models of Nantes building).

Add on : Context of the project _

The Nantes digital week is an event that happen during 10 days in september. It is made to promote the digital economy around the city and show people what is possible to do today and tomorrow.
You can find some more informations here.